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Hello, I currently have a p35-ds3p motherboard and 2g memory super T 2x 1g 800mhz not a kit. I go from win xp to win7, and the memory is not sufficient so I wonder want memory to buy 4g or 8g and what model, This summer I will buy a new system but for now I have intentions using this. My main question is, can I use kit on this motherboard and put on each slot 2g 1066 ram, 8g total. My current CPU is core duo 6240 2.13mhz and I want to buy a new one, I don`t think i7 is compatible, but the quad core and is, my question is what model to buy?
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  1. If you can find a Q9550 processor under 200.00 then go for it. If you have a Microcenter computer parts store locally you can pick one up there. 4 gigs of ram should be plenty for most tasks. What are you doing with this system?...
  2. first of all depends on what os

    if you have 32bit - 4gb, if you have 64 bit - go for 8gb..

    bearing in mind that not many apps and even games use more than the 32bit limit.

    a p35-dsp will run a 9550 or a 9650... Get one now before people decide that to charge a premium as 775 is being phased out.
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