Noob - Overclocking Athlon II x4 620

Hi everyone. I'm pretty new to overclocking so I don't know a whole lot, but I've had some success already. Here's what I'm running:

Athlon II x4 620
Hyper 212+ (Temps are always really low ~20C idle and ~31C while running Prime95)
Asus M4A785TD-V EVO
OCZ Gold Edition DDR3 1066 (PC3 8500)

I manually set the recommended timings and voltage for my ram in the bios which is 1.5v 7-7-7-16. They say I can go up to 1.6v. The multiplier for my CPU is capped at 13x and that's what I've been running on. Then I upped the FSB to 230 and everything seemed to be running stable. I've also set the voltage to 1.3v which is stock. I used the Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool just for the hell of it and got no errors.

I've noticed that my voltage and core speed and multiplier change constantly and go back up to what I set them at when I'm actually doing things. I guess this is caused by Cool 'n' Quiet, which I just turned off.

The one thing I'm really confused about is my Memory timings and frequency. I manually set the memclock value in my bios to 533MHz. Am I supposed to set that to half of 1066 like I did? My options only went up to 800MHz.
Also, I put DRAM Timing Mode on Both and set the following: TCL - 7, TRCD - 7, TRP, 7, tRTP - Auto, TRAS 16, and everything else auto. Everything was listed again, I'm assuming for the 2nd DIMM, so I set the same for those values. Did I do this right?

Thanks for any help.
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  1. I was just running Prime95 and all of a sudden my monitor showed were the words "Input Not Supported". I had to reboot and the problem was fixed. Maybe it's because I'm on the 11.10 beta drivers. I've never had that happen before

    Update: PC froze twice while I was just browsing. Put the FSB back to 200 and it seems to be ok now, running Prime95 again. Not sure what I should do now
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