Best am2+ processor

what's the best am2+ processor up to 95 watt.
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    You were already answered, and AM3 CPUs work with AM2+ boards but not the other way around.
  2. not really, now I'm asking if I only had the option of an am2+ processor not an am3 , what are my options, this is the last question on this subject for me.
    That is your only half way decent option.

    Why would you be restricted only to AM2+ processors?
  4. because it's an generic board (nettle 3) and most likely does not have an bios update for a am3 cpu. I might just have to kick down and get a new motherboard.
  5. Best dual core would be the X2 7850, and the best quad core would be the X4 9650(9750 if you can find one of the rare 95W versions, they were exclusive to oem)
  6. Chances are if the board can run the best am2+ cpu it can run the am3 cpus. Just stop this entire guessing game. Go to board makers website and look it up. Or email them.
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