GA-P55M-UD2 LGA 1156 BIOS O/C question

Hello Amigos,

I have a GIGABYTE GA-P55M-UD2 LGA 1156 rev 1.0 BIOS ver F4

I recently purchased a new cooler for my cpu (H50) and am enjoying the abilities of overclocking very much!

However, I have decided to go back to stock settings because I really like how when I am not doing anything, it like to idle at 9x133 = 1196 mhz. And heck, why not save when you can?

My question is, is there a way you can overclock, and still be able to make use of that cut back when the pc is just idling? It seems as though when I do adjust the FSB it automatically disables the throttling back.

I've gazed through the BIOS options quite a few times, maybe I am missing something?

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  1. Well, by specifying a specific FSB, the motherboard will have to maintain that level, for stability's sake. Unless there's some auto option that works even under OC which you haven't found in your BIOS menu.
  2. Yes, you can OC and still make use of the power saving features, at least with mild-to-reasonable overclocks. At some point your computer will have stability issues when moving from idle states to high OCed states. But you should be able to experiment with this and see for some OCs that you can still enjoy your power saving features.

    In BIOS, go into MB Intelligent Tweaker (M.I.T.)
    Then enter Advanced Frequency Settings
    Then enter Advanced CPU Core Features
    Change any Auto settings to Enabled. What happens is, when you start OCing the motherboard translates Auto as Disabled. However, at Stock settings it treates Auto as Enabled.
    Your settings on this screen should be:
    Intel Turbo Boost Techn. = Enabled
    CPU Cores Enabled = All
    CPU Multi-Threading = Enabled
    CPU Enhanced Halt (C1E) = Enabled
    C3/C6/C7 State Support = Enabled
    CPU Thermal Monitor = Enabled
    CPU EIST Function = Enabled
    Bi-Directional PROCHOT = Enabled
  3. Hello all,

    I am know I am a bit late to this game but I need some help over clocking. The following is the system in question:

    GA P55M UD2 mother board
    Core i7 860 Processor
    Corsair XMS3 1600 MHz 4GB Memory (8-8-8-24 Timing)
    Rosewill Stallion Series 500W PSU
    Powercolor ATI Radeon HD 5450 512 MB Graphics card
    Noctua U12P SE2 120mm CPU Cooler
    Antec 200 Mid tower case
    WD Blue 320GB HDD (primary)
    Lite-ON 24x CD/DVD burner

    I am not a gamer and I use this computer for some movies / music and internet but I mostly run CFD analysis for research work.

    I was able to over clock it to 3.3GHz with BLCK freq at around 150Mhz and 22 multipliers. after this, i have tried every trick i knew or read about and I have played with every setting in the BIOS but I just cannot get it overclock further.

    I keep reading about people with almost the same setup taking it to 4+ GHz.

    Can someone please help me to overclock mine to atleast a 3.8GHz?
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