First oc up 11.9% need help

just bought a new pc on a budget

955 be stock cooler c2 revision
asus m5a97 evo
4gb kingston khx1600c9d3/4g
400w generic psu

gone from 3.2 up to 3.58ghz after a little tweaking

first just did voltage and multi included a bus oc
ratings are:
210mhz bus
17x multi

the problem is that its peaking at 64 celcius and want to bring that down without buying a cooler if possible.would you say thats safe?and how could i improve on this oc.only done about a 30min stress test in prime95
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    everything use stock cooler and temp over 64C not safe and make decrease lifetime CPU too fast, you need after market cooler Hyper 212+ cheap and easily get 4Ghz with that CPU.
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  3. will try to get one if insurance ever pays me for the last cooler that got busted in the post.was looking at that cooler a while ago since it looks like a BEAST
  4. Since do overclock automatically voids warrantyan you can check amd website, also I suggest you must upgrade good psu
  5. yea.bin leaving my peripherals unplugged because my psu is so bad..when i get some money i will be getting an antec>700w hopefully.its out of warrenty the cpu second hand and built the rest of the pc around it with new parts
  6. For now you just need drop your oc for safely. I hoop you soon get good psu and aftermarket cooler, good luck brother :)
  7. new corsair gs800!!sweet!!!
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