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How would I take off memory from an old 80gb ultra dma hard drive on a broken desktop and transfer it to a laptop. Would I use an IDE inclosure? I am taking it off a 2003 hp pavilion 724c, and I need to know what hard drive enclosure size ill need.
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    You mean , transfer files from an old drive to a laptop?

    Buy (or borrow) an empty USB drive housing (almost certainly an IDE interface), mount the bare drive in it, then copy the files over.

    Or to avoid buying something that you won't use again, connect the old drive in a desktop computer. Then use an existing external USB drive to port the files over to the laptop.
  2. O forgot to mention the desktop its in is broken and yes that is what I mean
  3. So does any1 hav the measure 4 the ultra dma on hp pavilion 724c, and I will need and ide dock right?
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