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I need because im ging to buy a ATI radeon 6770 and my cpu is intel core 2 quad q6600 and im scared that my cpu will bottlenecking my gpu so i wanna buy a new cpu cooler which one is the best for me i wanna overclock my cpu to about 3.2ghz or 3.0ghz please help if you can thank you :)
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  1. zalman is really good:
    my athlon II is at 1.6V and i dont even go above 55C
  2. Comparison of CPU heatsinks by several different catorgories and a lot of good reviews.

    CM hyper 212: $26

    Cheap and effective heatsink, and highly recommended on this forum and in general.
  3. Thermaltake Frio is also a killer option, if you can pay for it.
  4. I think buying the Hyper 212+/EVO with a second fan installed would be the cheap and best solution
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