Screen has lines down it , no display

I have an aver aspire laptop and I was playing a game and the screen went black , so I rebooted . When it started up there where vertical lines running down the screen but it seems like the laptop is starting up ok. I am pretty confindent it is not the screen. Any sujestions ?
I was thinking it maybe graphics card ? Is there a way to test this . Thanks
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  1. Is the laptop really hot?

    My first guess is the Vid card as well. Are you running the latest greatest drivers for the vid card?
  2. Are you overclocking?
  3. It was over heating yes, and I'm not intentionaly over clocking , so the vid card and graphics card are different ?
  4. no they are the same thing. Maybe the fans just need a good old clean.
  5. Ah thought they were , I gave fans a good clean , no succsess
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