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Hi all, I will be installing my first SSD the corsair force 115.

1. Do I need to partition the drive or will windows7HP do it?

2. I want to be very frugal with programs installed on the ssd/boot and have a second HDD storage drive.
Is there a listing of commonly used programs sizes some where? tanks
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    1.) During the install process, Windows 7 will required the drive to be formatted to install the OS.

    2.) I'm not aware of such a list... The OS will be about 15GB, Office 2010 Pro takes up about 1GB for a few examples.
  2. I'm pretty sure tecmo34 means 15GB for the initial install of Windows 7. Windows has a habit of adding lots of stuff as time goes by. Some of the others have mentioned about 20GB.

    You can find out the capacity of other programs by checking their system requirements. If you download applications just go back to the web sites and look for the space required.
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