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Z68 SSD Caching, SSDs and RAID 0

Hey Guys, I want to see if this is possible or even worth it. I have my Z68 and a two 64GB SSDs on the brown truck now.

Here is what I would like to do.

Run two 64gb SSDs in a RAID 0 for my OS and some programs I use often. Nothing out of the norm here.

Here is where my questions come in. I would like to run three 150GB Raptors in a RAID0 with a 64GB SSD doing the caching for them. This set is mostly used for games, pics, misc downloads, some music and programs used less often.

So my two questions are
1. Can SSD caching be used on drives that aren't your primary/boot drive(yes you can, did another quick look around before posting) 3 drives that are already in a RAID?

2. Would i see more performance running SSD cashing with 3 Raptors in a RAID0? I'm pretty sure I would but I would like to hear some opinions. I am Mostly looking for better load times with games.


ETA: I finally found the answer. ".......lets you use a small SSD as a full read/write cache for a hard drive or RAID array." Anand Z68

Well, Maybe this will be helpful for someone else. I never would have found the answer if i didn't post the question. :D
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