After going into sleep mode new system no longer boots!

So after getting my new i7 build pretty stable (aside from some possibly serious video card issues), my PC will no longer boot AT ALL. As in no video signal at all being transmitted to my monitor.

I've had issues with my Radeon 4870 for a week. I keep getting random artifacts on the screen followed by a driver crash and even some BSODs. At first I chalked it up to heat issues but then I turned the fan speed up and I continued to have issues even at sub 40C temps.

Then for the past few days it was running beautifully without any issues at all. Yesterday I put it into sleep and when I woke it up there was no video signal. Reset did nothing. All the parts start (including the video card) but I get no video signal. Verified TV works with other components and tried using a VGA cable, still no signal. Tried to set the MB jumper to config or recovery and still no signal. Tried using only one stick of memory and still nothing. Running out of options! :(

So now I'm thinking my 4870 might have finally bitten the dust. Should I try another card and see if it boots? I'll have to buy one to try that. I would rather not do that so if anyone has any advice I would very much appreciate it!! Thanks!
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  1. Please list your full system specs, including the power supply make and model
  2. Yes sorry, my mistake.

    Mother Board: Intel DX58SO

    Processor: Intel Core i7 920 (OCed to 3.2ghz w/ stock cooler)

    Video Card: XFX 512MB Radeon HD 4870 (factory OCed: GPU@775 / RAM@950mhz)

    Memory: 3GB OCZ Gold DDR3 1600mhz (blazing fast memory)

    Hard Drive: WD Caviar 320GB 7200RPM 12MB Cache

    Optical Drive: LG 22X DVD Rewriter

    Power Supply: 600W OCZ ModXStream Pro PSU

    Case: Thermaltake M9 Mid Tower

    Operating System: Vista Ultimate 64
  3. reset your CMOS, your OC may not be stable.
  4. Well that did the trick, thanks. Now I have to figure out just what the problem is. 3.2gHz isn't exactly a huge overclock on an i7-920. Temperatures seem fine as well. What are some common issues?
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