Bios Crash (M2A-VM)

Not sure what else to do
My computer will turn and I can enter BIOS but after a few seconds it will crash and freeze up...same happens whether I have one or the other RAM stick in, happens during bootup also it will get to select OS then it will freeze...
Not sure what else to do....

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 x2 6000+
RAM Corsair Ballistix 1gb x2
Power: Roswell 550w'
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  1. Is this is a new mobo? Try resetting it first. Other than that, I'm also assuming it's a bad board.
  2. Old first I was blown away Asus was claiming it was the memory controller matrix (cpu) and AMD said there was no way that was the problem...ordered new board and it worked perfect...after inspecting my board three of the capicators were blown....not sure what caused it
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