~400 New Build for College - No Gaming



SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: For college so mostly just word processing and internet. No gaming.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: tigerdirect because I'm in California where newegg charges tax :(

PARTS PREFERENCES: I would like Micro-Atx. I don't care about AMD/Intel or ATI/Nvidia, anything works.

OVERCLOCKING: Not necessary, but maybe just for fun.

SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Maybe in future but not a necessity


Anyways, here's what I was looking at:

Gigabyte MA785GM-US2H Motherboard w/ AMD Athlon II 245 CPU Bundle

OCZ SLI-Ready Edition Dual Channel 2048MB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz Memory (2 x 1024MB)

Western Digital WD3200AAKS Caviar Blue Hard Drive - 3.5", 320GB, 7200rpm, 16MB, SATA-300, OEM

OCZ ModXStream Pro Power Supply - 500-Watt, Modular, Dual +12V Rails, SATA, 80Plus

Thermaltake VI5000BNS WingMA Computer Case - Micro ATX, 3x 5.25 Bays, 6x 3.5 Bays

Samsung SH-S223B/BSBF DVDRW Drive - DVD+R 22X, DVD+RW 8X, DVD-RW 6X, DVD-RAM 12X, CD-R 48X, SATA (OEM)

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Windows 7 RC, stock cooling, was thinking about sticking with onboard graphics for now... Also, I would like to go with AM3/DDR3 but just couldn't seem to fit it in my budget. Thanks for your time, all suggestions welcome. :)
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  1. You're absolutely sure you won't do any gaming whatsoever? In any case, I'd suggest getting a 500GB caviar black. It's amazing how quickly hard disks fill up with porn media.
  2. :non: ;) Ok I'll take your advice on the HDD, yeah pretty sure about not gaming, and if I change my mind I think I'd rather wait till I have enough money to make a more powerful rig. On the other hand though, if an AM3 could be worked into my budget I guess I could add a GPU, 2gb more RAM and upgrade the processor for relatively cheap later on...
  3. If you dont want to support the State (Tax) you are in get out!, move to Flordia or where ever you came from.

    You need an education, but Go free load somewhere else...
  4. Umm yeah Probably nothing to do with him not wanting to support the state it's just that he's on a very tight budget because he probably doesn't have a very high paying job.
  5. Who are you?....jbl91 newcomer or Jbakerlent apprentice ?
  6. Yea right....oops huh!
  7. A netbook you can take to class might be nice. Then you would have to deal with inferior performance, though it dies fit right into your price range and can perfom all of the tasks you stated quite well.
  8. +1 for Paramoidmage
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