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hey guys i rlly need ur help this time,
i recently purchased arma 2, and incase you missed my last post, i built a computer, with a gtx 295 12 gigs of ram, and i7 processor, and many other great parts

well when i first booted arma everythigns fine, but whne i started a singleplayer game the graphics looked like they were fresh out of a 007 n-64 game, all the textures were not rendered, and everything was clipping together, the geometry was similar to those you would see in the first 3d video games
i played around with the settings and couldnt figure out wat could be worng with it, well any help is great guys :) thanks
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  1. driver or something.

    Try reinstalling Nvidia latest or older driver to see if this make a difference. Be sure to have latest DX too.
  2. i have the latest dx 10, and the latest nvidia drivers, have tried to revert to proven 180 patches, still not working.. my temps are fine, and my clocks are right.... idk wats goin on haha, tried to run it in xp mode, nope, tried everything i know, only prob i could think of is that im using vista 64, but it worked on my other comp with vista 64(the demo at least) all other games work, cod waw, crysis on MAX SPECS, crysis warhead on max specs, farcry 2, and fallout 3
  3. ARMA is the only game not working properly?
  4. yupp.. just tried reinstall no luck
  5. And this is a KNOW GOOD arma install CD ?
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    A friend of mine also bought Arma 2. At his place the frame rate is unbearable with artifacts. It is the only game that does that. He has a GTX260. At my place with a 4850 CF i could play nicely with good frame rate, but AA needed to be off.

    About the game grafs, all high/Very high with AA off, it isn't the best looking game ever. Honestly. Pretty crappy ihmo. They just don't feel right and feel like last century graphics. I feel sorry for ma friend.

    I'm still waiting for Starcraft II. Sniff...
  7. no its not crappy graphics, its like .. well this..
    just without the textures... it looks like its jsut the bones of the models.. and the heads are kinda see throughy

    the disc works fine

    ill post a screeny soon
  8. Old Thread Resurrection:

    Did you ever figure out your graphics problem? I noticed in ArmA2 there are two resolution settings you must configure. One allows you to set your actual monitor resolution, and the other allows you to set "Texture Resolution". You may want to check to see if your texture resolution is set extremely low.

    Granted I'm playing with the 1.4 Patch, but the game looks a ton better than that (avatars/characters could be better detailed granted).
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