70 - 100$ SSD

hi all i want to try ssd as my windows boot drive and use the application in 1tb wd caviar black,,,
i want to ask what ssd should i buy,,
my budget is limit to 70-100 $

what i see in the market is gskill falcon 32 gb, patriot torqx 32 gb and corsair nova 32 gb all were priced 70$

anyone give me advice ?
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  1. 32GB will be able to accomodate Windows 7 but I would recommend a slightly larger capacity ssd. Unfortunately 64GB ssd's are not available in your price range. In addition there are no SATA III capable ssd's available in your price range.

    Here is a link to 4 SATA II 40GB ssd's that are within your price range:


    Personally I would recommend the Intel 320 for reliability and a great SSD Toolbox with a SSD Optimizer. Others will probably recommend the OCZ Vertex 2 for performance.
  2. so i think i will go to intel ssd 64 gb,,,
    but how do i install the ssd,,i mean the configuration, because i will put the games application into hdd,,,because i think the 64 gb won't be enough...
    i mean i will also used the ssd as cache to the hdd....

    can you help me,,because i still dont understand what is raid, ahci and ide mode..
  3. There you go, the optimization guides (last link) are golden.

    Basically ide is a legacy mode used on those old ribbon cable style drives. I'm not sure how a 4kb sector drive would or could function in ide mode but...

    The ahci (advanced host controller interface) is used in every case unless you need raid. If you load win7 onto your ssd while in ide mode the correct drivers will not be loaded to optimize your ssd.

    So, buy the drive, ensure you are in ahci mode. Unplug all other drives (save your cd rom if you need it for windows installation), and load win7 onto the ssd.

    Now go to the tweak guides and choose your tweaks. Or just run it the way it is.
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