Water block for GTX275

Hey all, I am putting together a water cooled system and have been unable to find a water block for the
XFX GTX 275 Part No.: GX-275X-AHFF. Hoping someone here has found a block for said card.
As an extra note i have ordered and, neither fit.

I have also contacted XFX and they dont have an aftermarket compatability list, and was unable to find one at

Even if no one knows of a block but knows of a place i could look that would be great to.
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    PLEASE DO NOT get a Koolance. They are not top quality.

    Get the MCW60:

    Get some RAM/Mosfet sinks (DO NOT FORGET THESE!) and you are set! Btw, what pump,rad,etc? Post this in the "Cooler and Heatsinks" section. The only 4-5 WCer (including me) are there only.
  2. Thank you for the advice i am looking at the swifttech site now and have made a new thread where you suggested
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