Got Cable Management Pics? Post Em' Here!

Sorry if its the wrong place to ask but I was wondering if anyone could kindly post their "cable managed" setup. I would like to get an idea on how to fix up my case. :love:

Thanks Tom's!!
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More about cable management pics post here
  1. hmmm, i still don't have a digital camera in this day and age

    well many people just route the cable as much out of site (get rid of and ide drives and stick only to sata, it helps a lot)
  2. I managed to fit all my cables in the case in a very untidy mess , and then put the side cover on so no one could see the extent of how nasty I am .
  3. This is one reason why there are modulated psu's and clear side panels. The less cables used, the easier it is to hide away the unused.

    There was a thread like this some time ago. I might be wrong, but I think that it was on the case mods section. My computer is a mess, so I wouldn't post my embarrassment.
  4. I don't have pictures, but just buy a big pack of zip ties and you should be okay. Worked wonders for me when I got my new PSU.
  5. Well I guess it's time for some humor..... i bring you here the WINNER and the LOSER...

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  6. That bottom picture is confusing as I am looking at it and can't tell which is front or back.

    IF anyone could look at that picture and say the words 'cable management' with a straight face gets a round of beers on me.
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