AsRock 939 Dual-VSTA or Foxconn Winfast K7S741MG-6l


I'm trying to put together a new PC utilizing parts from two older ones.

My options are:
AsRock 939 Dual-VSTA
Socket 939
Dual Channel DDR400

Foxconn Winfast K7S741
Socket 462
Single Channel DDR400

Is the AsRock the no-brainer choice?

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  1. Which one has the best CPU support list?
  2. The Winfast board has an Athlon 2000+ @1.67ghZ

    The AsRock has some flavor of the Athlon 64FX/X2/64 processor, not really sure how to tell since I can't currenlty power this board up.

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    Since the Winfast board has the oldest socket and is the oldest board, I would presume that the newer ASRock has a faster CPU.
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