Samsung hd103sj 1t not recognized

After adding a new hard disk, The samsung hd103sj 1t not recognized, I do not want to format because there is important material on the HDD
What can i do??
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  1. Can you provide more detailed information?
  2. ... Such as
    What motherboard or prebuilt system, and OS, are you using
    What <same info> was the drive used on
    Is the drive detected in BIOS? In Device Manager? In Disk Manager?
    How long ago was the drive last known to work?
    Since then, have you dropped the drive, had a failure of the system in which the drive was running, or immersed it in ice cream?
    Does it make loud noises? Any sound at all?

    We will try to distinguish between a need to change cables, adjust the BIOS, or run recovery software.
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