Need to restart Windows after benchmark test

Hello guys,

I have a EVGA GTX 285, I am using EVGA Precision and OC Scanner, I am trying to get a good OC, my stable clocks are 702/1598/1328

The problem is when I oc the card to 720 or beyond and I run the stress test it fails, thats ok. But I need to restart Windows 7 64, otherwise my chart will have a 100 load and in game like 22 fps, and normally 55 fps

Is there any thing I can do to fix the issue without restarting windows

Also I am using a OCZ 700W psu, and a Zalman cooler for the gpu, max temp is 60c

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  1. umm...stop overclocking. if it dont work at 720, then why would you set it at 720 again?
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