XP Wireless setup wont let me enter long keys

I'm trying to set up my home network to use WPA2.

I'm setting up my Win XP SP3 laptop with an Intel wireless card (49xxAGN).

I am trying to enter a WPA2 key of 10 characters (which I have already set up on the brand new Linksys router).

When I enter the key into Windows Wireless Setup it takes it just fine. I apply and save, it tries to hit the network and fail. When I open the settings again, all I have is 8 characters.

Any help?
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  1. If the wireless card came with its own user interface , try that instead of using Windows networking.

    If not poss switch to WPA (not WPA2) -- it's not hackerporoof -- but how many of your immediate neighbours are hackers ?
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