Ram not running in dual channel

I know that 2 of the Rams aren't the exact same kind but they're practically the same. Is there a way to force them into dual channel?

Slot 1 and 3

Slot 2 and 4

They're not the greatest but that's what i have to live with until i can get new ones. I'm positive these should be able to work in dual channel.

I'm using the motherboard M4A77D.
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  1. I may be wrong, but shouldn't slots 1 and 2 (blue) have identical modules. Same with slots 3 and 4 (black).
  2. That's what i thought but

    That's from the manual.
  3. lol - yeah GhislainG's rite! Try putting the Kingston rams in the blue slots and then have the Corsair rams in the black slots :) u'll b on ur way - i hope!
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    To run in dual channel mode, the modules have to be in two different channels.
  5. Switched them. Still running in Single Channel according to CPU-Z.
  6. Figured it out. My 1gig sticks aren't compatible.

    Which would perform better? 1gig (512mbx512mb) in dual channel or 3 gigs in single?
  7. I would opt for volume
    If you would loosen the timings by a notch maybe they will work in dual mode (ie 5-5-5-20 or 21), or set the frequency of DDRs to non-standard (ie 348)
  8. I'm not the brightest person when it comes to ram. But how would i loosen the timings?
  9. It didn't work.
  10. wlaziu is correct. You're better off with all memory installed, even if it runs in single channel mode.
  11. if dual channels what u want then have the kingstons - that way u can get rid of the corsairs. otherwise i agree with both GhislainG + wlaziu. but the corsairs have tighter timings.
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