Help with new build please.

Can someone please help me decide which of these setups would be better. I personally don't know much when it comes to the cpu and motherboard and ive tried reading up as much as i can on it. What i will be using this computer for is mostly games and 3d modeling, rendering and video editing such as after effects and HD editing.

This is from Cyberpower PC for 635$ plus 2 gigs of ram which i will buy later:

CASE: NZXT Beta Gaming Mid-Tower
Maximum 120MM Case Cooling Fans
POWER SUPPLY 600 Watts Power Supplies (SLI Ready Power Supply)
CPU: (Quad-Core)Intel® Core™ 2 Quad Q9550 @ 2.83GHz 1333FSB 12MB L2 Cache 64-bit
MOTHERBOARD: (3-Way SLI Support) EVGA nForce 780i SLI Mainboard FSB1333 DDR2 3 x PCIe x16 SATA RAID w/ USB2.0, IEEE1394, &7.1Audio
MEMORY: 4gb pc6400
500GB hard drive

Compusa for 800$:

CASE Ultra M923 Full Tower ATX Case
FANS the ones that come with the case
POWER SUPPLY Ultra LSP750 750-Watt Power Supply
CPU Intel Core i7 920 2.66GHz
MOTHERBOARD MSI X58 Platinum SLI Socket LGA1366
MEMORY 6GB Patriot Viper DDR3-1333 Triple Channel Memory
1TB Hitachi HDD

In either case i will be buying an ATI Radeon 4890 graphics card from compusa for $210

I don't know much about overclocking other than it usually improves performance.
Would these computers handle the most recent games decently? How about crysis – max settings?
Also I am somewhat concerned about future proofing – which probably means the setup with the i7 is better.

Would I notice a significant difference in fps and overall performance from my current pc? ( I don’t remember the exact specs):

AMD cpu with 2.8ghz duo– its nothing too good, I bought it at circuit city a couple years ago for 400 after rebate
500watt psu
3gig ram
500g hdd
No cooling fans so itd get pretty hot plus the case kinda sucks, its small so everythings cramped- barely got the graphics card in there. And the psu cables are kinda crazy.

However if anyone has a better setup to suggest, my budget is around 1000.(with graphics card)

Thanks alot in advance.
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  1. You can get better components for that budget of yours, if you can assemble your own PC...If Yes, then we could come up with better config...

    And for your needs, the i7 would be more suitable...If it would have been just a gaming PC, then the i7s are not much better than AMD CPUs...but for rendering, after effects and video editing, the i7 rules...
  2. Yea I can definitely build my own. That part is easy as far as I know. I was only leaning towards the kits because I don't know much about CPU and motherboard compatibility. So if u can help me it'd help alot and save money.
    I was also kinda concerned about not making things too neat when building resulting in extreme heat. Or will a couple of fans fix that

    also do you really think i could do better on that budget with the i7 - the motherboard and ram are pricey too. If there's other cpu's that you recommend - i don't need the best, im only an enthusiast.

    Id appreciate any suggestions and advice

    thanks alot again.
  3. You could save money in many places -
    1. Mobo - You can switch to a cheaper mobo but might loose out some features...
    2. Get slower RAM.
    3. Drop the Corsair 750TX if you are not planning for a crossfire.
    4. Get a cheaper case like the Antec 300, which would save about $30 but still would offer very good quality and good air flow...

    And if you have a Microcenter store nearby, then you can pick up an i7 for about $220 with Taxes...
  4. thanks alot ill look at these closer when i have time...

    so you think this will handle games decently? would you say this is a higher end gaming pc?
  5. ^ This would be a high-end PC with such a powerful CPU and graphics card and can play the current games @ High-Very High settings @ 1920X1200 resolution...

    But I would like to again say that if you are planning for more of a Gaming PC, the i7s are not much worth the extra cash...
    You can get similar gaming performance even with a AMD X4 955, there by saving some cash...
  6. wow thanks soo sooo much.

    but couple last questions:
    The case, is the airflow good, are the included fans enough to keep the system cool during intense use, or at least reasonable temperatures?
    And how big is the case? would everything fit easily or will there be a mess.
    How about the antec 300?
    Would this be a better choice for money saving reasons:

    Its a case and a 650 w psu - or is that not enough for this rig?

    Also I can disable the led lights right, in the case?
    Would i have to overclock for good results - or is everything fine the way it is?

    Thanks ALOT.
  7. finally as for saving money on the i7 -

    so you say that its still a fine cpu?
    will it still do kinda decently in the things i mentioned earlier such as video and rendering...
  8. according to this chart its significantly worse than the i7:,818.html

    would you disagree with it?
  9. For your questions...
    1. CASE - That CM scout is a high quality case and is actually little better than the Antec 900...
    And it has enough room for those components to fit in...
    But the Antec 300 is also a very good alternative if you want to save some money...
    And it also big enough for those components to fit in...

    And about the PSU + CASE - Antec 900 + EA 650, it is a very good deal if you are not planning for adding one more HD 4890 in crossfire...
    It might be a close call for 2 HD 4890s...

    And yes you should be able to disable the red lights...
    Well if you dont like such fancy cases, then better off getting the Antec 300...

    2. You would not have to necessarily overclock to get good results...but overclocking would better those results...
    For a slight overclock say upto 3GHz, the stock HSF is suffice...but anything more, you might want to add an aftermarket CPU cooler...

    And I just noticed the word Crysis in your first post...
    Yes you would be able to play Crysis @ decent settings, but dont expect to max out @ 1920X1200 resolution...You would need more than 1 HD 4890s for that :P
  10. @mk15 there is no X4 955 in the chart that you have linked...
    And yes am saying about that CPU in the combo...
  11. Okay thanks again....
    but im still looking around trying to cut down the prices...

    I found a case with very good reviews, and a good psu....
    my only concern is that the psu says its sli psu but it only has 2 6pin pci e power connectors and 2 4890's would require four right? (this is for the chance that i someday get another 4890)

    Sorry for all these questions its just im trying to cut down the prices but im definitely sticking with the i7 and 4890 so im trying to find a way to cut down in the case/psu area and possibly the mobo if it comes to that. by the way do you have suggestions for a cheaper mobo and what features would i loose like you mentioned earlier?

    Thanks... sorry
  12. The PSU would work fine for one 4890 card but not two, you are correct that 2 4890s would require 4 connectors. Also just noticed one thing about gkay's build an that is that the motherboard is micro-atx, I'm not sure if this would be a problem for you, but you can get the same RAM in a combo for the same price with a full size mobo.
  13. Rosewill PSU's are not a good investment, they arent high quality PSUs and have a higher than average failure rate. Get one from Corsair, PC Power & Cooling, OCZ, Seasonic or Antec.

    I would stick with the i7/4890 combo gkay posted and go for the antec 900 and the TP-750 PSU, it will provide you enough power for crossfire in the future while costing a bit less than an antec 900 and 750TX
  14. Didn't realize we were talking about a Rosewill, but in that case hunter is correct, stick with one from one of the companies he listed. Maybe check this one out if you're trying to cut down on the expense?

    OCZ ModXStream Pro OCZ700MXSP 700W ATX12V V2.2 / EPS12V SLI Certified CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS Certified Modular Active PFC
  15. jbakerlent said:
    Didn't realize we were talking about a Rosewill, but in that case hunter is correct, stick with one from one of the companies he listed. Maybe check this one out if you're trying to cut down on the expense?

    OCZ ModXStream Pro OCZ700MXSP 700W ATX12V V2.2 / EPS12V SLI Certified CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS Certified Modular Active PFC

    It looks like a great power supply except that with a 4890 in crossfire it would never work right? - not enough pci e connectors...

    or am i wrong?
    thanks for all your help by the way
  16. Okay some questions for you guys:
    -Is buying pci e splitters a good idea when it comes to crossfire?
    @jbakerlent what is the benefit of full size
    - Is there a cheaper solution to the 6g of ram or is that type necessary for i7?
    - Basically i've settled for the cpu and graphic card bundle but stuck on mobo/ram and case and psu
    @ hunter315
    i read poor reviews on the antec 900 so i settled for the storm scout since its fairly inexpensive...
    is this a good combo:
    the two pci e problem remains however.....
  17. okay if i don't find a cheaper total sum of case and psu ill settle for what gkay said: storm scout and 750tx

    But then what would a way to cut down on the mobo/ram area - if i can get the ram significantly cheaper i would happy with that...
  18. Full size would just look better in a full size case. THere's also more room for upgrading. Triple channel RAM is required for core i7 builds, but you could go with 3x1 gb. For the PSU it depends completely on whether you want crossfire in the future.
  19. Okay abstract question:

    will waiting a couple of months change anything - such as prices(decreasing) or discontinued products or new products.

    If so when would these changes happen?
  20. Yes a lot will change around Sept./Oct., Intel i5 processors, dx11 video cards, and windows 7 will be available.
  21. oh ok . does that mean that the things weve been talking about should get cheaper such as the i7, its ram, and the 4890
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