Computer restarts itself randomly

Hi I´m new here and I´m starting with a problem, :fou: not a good start...
The problem is that I have my previos computer, with this specs:
Pentium 4 Willamette 1.4GhZ, socket 423
Motherboard: Matsonic MS9007C with Intel 845i chipset I think, codename Brookdale.
1.5 Gb of DIMM SDRAM memory 133mhz
Seagate 40gb harddisk

I know, It isn´t very good actually but I want to use it for some tasks as It can do them well. It was always realiable... until now.
Randomly, the computer restarts itself. I suspected it was a hard disk problem and I formatted and resintalled Windows, zero-filled it to evade bad sectors, a complete format and no luck. I think it can be some memory module or the powersupply. It restarts in every situation: sometimes while Windows is booting, when desktop is loading, when you´re working on it or even if it´s idle. I remember some time ago one of the times I clean the computer interior (9 years the computer has) one of the memory modules wasn´t recognised at start and I had to "play" with it to get it working but after that it didn´t ive me any problem until now. I´m going to dissasembly completely the computer to clean it, inspect it and put some oil on the vents as they are loud with the years.
Any ideas of what can I look for to solve the problem? Memory, hard disk, power supply, everything? Maybe I should take it to the recycle bin and use only my new one computer? heh

Thank you
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  1. Sounds like you know your way around the computer so my recommendation would be to firt identify what causes the issue.

    1.5gig ram SD133 is impressive in my book.. I have not seen bars of 512 in a while..

    Anyways, run the pc with the bare minimum for boot in windows.
    1 HD, 1x 512 no other components.

    Try to reproduce the issue.
    If it crashes with 512, try another bar of ram, or simply move it to another slot.

    If it doesnt crash, add ram.

    Then go component by component and you should find your problem.

    having a spare PSU would be helpful as Old PSU capacitors can eventually cause such behaviors...

    If the problem persists no matter what, Scrap it... you can find a P4 2Ghz+ / AthlonXP or Sempron that will all perform better for about 100$

    (For example I have 2 full computers I wana get rid of... an athlonX2-3800 4x512DDR + 8500GT+160Gig for about 250$ and a Sempron3000+ for about 100$)

    Look around you area, you should be able to find one of those computer stores that have mountains of Dell Optiplex P4 Desktops for like 100$ Licensed
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