Which MOBO??? need help to decide.

I'm building a semi-budget gaming build. I had my heart set on the popular Gigabyte board below:

But then I noticed this Asus board and I can't decide. This has DDR3 and crossfire's both slots at 16x\16x.

I already have an E8400(3.0ghz) and will be purchasing either Saphire 4890 or a 5770 model.

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  1. the P45'll give u x8/x8 whn in crossfire and the x48'l give u x16/x16 if ur going to do crossfire then i suggest u get the asus, but if ur going for a 1 card option, the gigabyte looks better. btw get the 5770 its less power hungry and better at its job
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    for futureproofing, get the DDR3 board - Asus
  3. I may crossfire but the futureproofing seals the deal, I'm gonna go with the Asus.

    As for the suggestion on the 5770 over a 4890, am I not taking a hit on performance here? I understand your point its just the difference on Passmark seems significant.
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  5. wat board manufacturer are u looking at? ok abt the passmarks... the benchmarkings are all synthetic, u'll find it a nice edition with the 4890 cos i've seen wat a monster it is, and then came the 5 series - they'r makin headlines!

    if the PSU's no problem, then go for the 5850 instead, u'l be MUCH happier with it. Sapphire is good.
  6. I wanted to stay under 200 for the card but I do like the 5850. Only concern I have is that I won't get full potential of that card with e8400(3.0ghz) cpu. Will I have a bottleneck issue here?
  7. It has PCI-E 2.0 slots so no bottleneck :) and i'm sure u'll b able to overclock the rig with the asus, jus make sure u have good thermal paste and a good cpu cooler :D
  8. Okay thanks, this will help with my decision.
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