Memory options for crosshair III

I'm looking at purchasing a new system with the Crosshair III and the 965 CPU and I would like to install 8gb memory.

Is it imperitive I purchase an 8gb (matched) kit (2x4gb or 4x2gb) or is it OK to buy seperate kits 2x(2x2gb)?

Or better yet 2x(2x4gb)? Is anyone running 16gb on this mobo?
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  1. what do you intend to do with all that memory?
  2. I do contract engineering work at home (printed circuit board design). Some of the PCB's are very complex and large. I also do some 3D modeling.
  3. hmmm - then go for the OCZ DDR3 modules they come in kits and they aso come optimized for AM3 - i think. the platinum editions have tight timings. One more thing - asus have a small issues when using ram to its ultimate level, they either hickup or cause minor headaches. u'll b fine with 8GB quad kit - here:

    btw get the one that has the same bus speed as ur processor.

    1more thing - lemme know how it works out - i mite get one myself :) and mayb learn a few modelling tips form you.
  4. Lutfij said:
    btw get the one that has the same bus speed as ur processor.

    Pardon my ignorance, but can you elaborate on this?
  5. usually intels proc hav wat u call a bus speed e.g: a Q9550 will be 2.83GHz has an FSB of 1333MHz. The FSB is the bus speed. so if i had the intel proc, i'd need to get OCZ (rams) that were 1333Mhz - how much memory i'd get will depend on me 4~8~16~128 :D
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