Need gigabyt ethernet driver for MSI K7N2

I have a MSI K7N2 Delta2 motherboard with an AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3500+ and my Device Manager shows that I do not have an Ethernet Controller configured/installed thus I can NOT get to the Internet to do a driver search. Is there an available driver or controller that I can download (on a different computer) to burn onto a CD and transfer to my Gigabyte computer that will solve this problem?

I have exhausted all of my known resources and am really desperate. Please help.
Rudy Flack (
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  1. Did you download and install the NVIDIA nForce2 System Drivers for MCP2S of SB?
  2. Thank you for your reply; yes, thanks to your information I downloaded the file and transferred it to my Gigabyte Computer. I have gone through every "SETUP" routine I could find within the program, but nothing has allowed me to obtain an indication that a driver was installed as an Ethernet Controller in the Device Manager.
    What do I do to cause these NVIDIA nForce 2 System Drivers that you mentioned to install and show up in the Device Manager under the Ethernet Controller section?
  3. If need be, extract the drivers to a folder and then select it when updating the drivers for the Ethernet controller.
  4. I'm thoroughly confused here - is this an MSI or a GB motherboard? If you do have an nForce chipset, we've seen this problem recently, and I'll be damned if I can think of search terms to find it! Have tried six or eight combos, and having no luck... It was a combination - the first thing was that these LAN chips are not 'attached' to the chipset off any normal (PCI, PCIe) bus, and thus have to be loaded as part of the nVidia driver set - but, it seems to me that, once we knew this, the poster found some sort of precondition that seemed to 'allow discovery', but I can't freaking remember what it was! I'll keep searching - maybe I'll get lucky - I'm sure it was in the last month or two :??:
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