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Hi, I'm not very tech-savvy so hopefully you'll help me out :)
I currently have Win7 installed on a regular 2T HDD (Hitachi Deskstar), and I'm about to purchase a 50G SSD. I'd like the OS and few apps to be on the the SSD, pretty much a boot drive, while the 2T hard drive just for data; so as 2 separate partitions i.e. C and D on My Computer with those purposes. I want to delete everything off my HDD also, a full format.
How would I go about everything?

Also, between OCZ Vertex 2 50GB Sandforce and Intel X25-V 40GB which one would you recommend for what I've planned?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. My motherboard is an ASUS P6X58D, and is running an i7 920.
  2. I would look at spending a little extra money and pick up the OCZ Solid 3 to run off your SATA III port.

    As for how to set things up, I would recommend 1) unplugging your hard drive first, 2) switching your SATA controller to AHCI in your BIOS, and 3) install your SSD and Windows 7. After you have installed your SSD, plug back in your hard drive and format your drive (Follow the instructions in this thread: ).

    I would recommend reviewing this site for further information on setting up your SSD...
  3. Thank you very much.
    Unfortunately the SATA III SSDs are out of my price range. Is the performance difference big enough for me to wait until I can afford one? I know that's a subjective question, but if you have a link to explain it farther I'll enjoy the read.
  4. Were are you buying the two SSD's listed above from?? As on Newegg, you are talking about $20 more...

    As for the performance increase, there is a difference but is it enough to save up and wait is subjective. Even a low end SSD will crush a standard hard drive in performance. You will be save running a SATA II drive without issue. I would go with the Intel X25-V out of those choices.
  5. NCIX has them on sale, it's $64.99 CDN for the OCZ Vertex 2 50GB and $74.99 for the Intel X25-V 40GB. The Solid 3 is $108, and no shipping since I can pick them up. Given this do you find the X25-V to be the best bet?
  6. At the price, I would go with the OCZ Vertex 2, since it is cheaper and had a larger capacity (though by not much) :D .
  7. Alright lol, Very Thanks for your help :)
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