How to get rid of the horrendous Dual BIOS logo

I'm liking the fact that my motherboard (GA-MA785GMT-UD2H) has two BIOS on board and support Dual BIOS, but I hate to see that horrendous, low resolution, pixelated, 2 colored (and it's yellow/lime green), old-fashioned Dual BIOS logo in the screen every time the computer boots. Okay, it's not important at all to have that logo there, and it doesn't affect the performance or something, but it's seriously getting on my nerves and I want to change that logo or get rid of it if possible.

I tried face wizard, but what it does is to put a picture in the very beginning of the startup screen, but it doesn't block the screen where Dual BIOS logo appears.

What is strange is when you look at Gigabyte's user manual, the startup screen shown has a better quality Dual BIOS logo and energy logo. So I wonder if there is anything that I can do to increase the quality of the Dual BIOS logo that I see.

Any ideas?

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  1. You probably aready did, but check BIOS, some Have a "Dissable splash screen".
  2. I cannot find a "disable splash screen" in BIOS. I found "full screen LOGO show". When I enable it, it shows the picture I uploaded (using the face wizard) in the beginning, but then everything resumes including the screen with Dual BIOS logo. When I disable the "full screen LOGO show" option, it doesn't show the picture I uploaded, but I still have the screen with Dual BIOS logo.

    Is there a software or something so that I can explore the BIOS files and erase that logo forever?
  3. There are no BIOS files. The logo screens are coded into the BIOS. It is not like a Windows boot screen.
  4. Look for a setting in the BIOS to show boot information, this will be then shown in preference to the boot logo.
  5. I cannot find a setting in the BIOS to show boot information. I checked all of the options available, but there is no preference to turn off the boot logo. Here is the User's Manual. All of the available preference are listed in the manual. Which one is the one you are talking about?

    I either want my startup screen look like the image shown on page 36 of the manual, in which the Dual BIOS image is really smooth, or I don't want to see that startup screen at all.

    Somebody please tell me that it's possible.
  6. jsc is right - these 'ancillary' graphics are 'hard-coded' into the BIOS. I generally do not condone attempting to mod a BIOS for frivolous purposes like this, as it's difficult, tricky, and fraught with serious perils - and, I neither have a half a lifetime to spend explaining the process, nor want to hear about it when something 'goes bad'! Non-frivolous purposes are: SLIC tables; OCUR/MOCUR mods; adding new intel RAID BIOS to older systems where support never did the job; and 'unlocking' hidden menus - and 'hand-holding' can be found on the web for all of these...

    That said, the major tools are here:

    And a huge amount of tutorial information can be found here:;f=52

    Be careful! Read ALL warnings over until you understand them! Take nothing for granted! The board you trash will be your own!

    NEVER use @BIOS, at all, for anything! Comprehensive BIOS flashing instructions here:

    I highly recommend that, before endeavoring to mod a BIOS, you prepare for disaster: get a floppy drive, if you don't already have one; make it the first item in the boot order now, as, should a mod 'die', you won't be able to enter the BIOS to change the boot order later; make a bootable floppy, erase all but the two requisite files; download the latest BIOS for your system, unzip it, and copy those three files (the BIOS, the 'flasher', and the autoexec.bat that runs the flasher) to the floppy; test it - make sure you can boot to the floppy and that it actually runs the flasher. I have seen erroneous autoexecs included in GB BIOS downloads! This will be your insurance in case you manage to 'break' the boot block, which handles the 'reversion' of the 'dual BIOS' after a bad flash - there is a (sometimes successful) procedure called a 'blind flash', which may save a board.

    I realize this seems a bit harsh - but it is serious business, capable of 'bricking' your board, and I kind of doubt that GB's RMA policy looks to kindly on 'modded BIOS' - and it's certainly something they can easily discover when examining a returned board...

    Good Luck! :sol:

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