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I am in the works of buying a new PC and I would like some advice on going i7 or 9550 (or open to suggestions). I will be purchasing whatever within the next month.

My goals for the system are to have the fastest file transfer between the PC and the media extender and fast file conversions. So imaging DVD's / Blue Rays and converting them to various formats .x264/mkv would be primary and then I do some video editing via Adobe Preimer (I would like this process fast as well)

I have been looking an reading between the two processors and it looks like the i7 is faster than the 9550.

MOBO- I want to stay with ASUS (have had good luck in the past), either the P6T versions or P5Q Deluxe

RAM - Not sure how much I need, suggestions ?

HDD - From different post I am thinking 3 drives (1 OS, 1 Write, 1 Read) ? as for SSD is it worth the money and if I stay with traditional which drive (I still have to investigate the benchmarks on the website so this may be a pre-mature question)
Video Card - ???, I need dual monitors if that helps

OS - Suggestions ,although I think I can only run vista or 7 with the i7

Price range is around $1500 max

Any other help/info would be appreciated, TIA
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  1. the SSD will make no difference over a network.

    you want 2 drives, 1 OS, 1 storage.

    get a 4770 video card, it's low on power usage.

    go for the i7 1156 series, it's lower priced, it saves on energy and will be just as good for what you're doing.
  2. In order for fast network performance, what should I be looking for. Also in terms of transfering content to the media extender what is the best way (FTP, mapped drive, etc)
  3. With the two i7 boards one has cross fire and the other has crossfire and SLI, if I;m not gaming do I care ?. Does SLI have any advantage with video editing ?
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