Memory disappeared after processor upgrade

I have an emachines T6524 with Windows 7, 4 gigs of memory, and a new power supply and I upgraded my processor to an FX60 and now WIndows 7 doesn't see all my memory. It says "4Gb installed (3Gb usable)" I noticed that when it boots it also says there is 3Gb in the BIOS. I had to flash my BIOS to an MSI 7093 to recognize the new processor and was wondering if this may be the problem?

I am also having problems running games like Crysis and MW2. Crysis will open and then crash and it acts like the power was shut off. MW2 does the same, but takes a little longer. I ordered a new power supply and was wondering if there is anything else which could cause these issues?
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  1. That FX-60 is a 125w part. That might be more than the voltage regulators on your motherboard can handle. (The single core 3500 that was in your computer draws 89w max.) If this is the case, you run the risk of burning your motherboard up.

    You can't mix bioses. I can't find any socket 939 MSI 7093 motherboard listed on MSI's web site.
  2. MSI's website is always super slow, but if you google MS-7093 it will popup.

    I hope your wrong about the voltage regulators since that means I'm going to have to get a new computer. I just can't figure out why upgrading the processor would limit the amount of memory I can have.

    3D Mark completely locks when it tries to scan my hardware setup. Do you think this problem might be related?

    If my new power supply doesn't fix it then I guess I'm out of luck :(
  3. Got new power supply and it no longer crashes in games. Can anyone help with the memory issue now?
  4. The memory may be reserved for the hardware. Check the resource monitor/memory tab to verify. Check out this thread.
  5. I tried that and it didn't work. This problem didn't happen until after I flashed the BIOS and installed the new processor. Does anyone know where I can get a document that explains all the BIOS options?
  6. Look for an option in your BIOS to enable memory remap.
  7. I couldn't find it any other ideas?
  8. Any specific reason you flashed the BIOS in the first place? You could try reverting back.
  9. The old BIOS didn't support AMD FX60 processors. I am beginning to think I should sell everything and get a new computer. I just want to get an Asus motherboard with USB 3 on it...
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