How is this monitor for gaming/photoshop with my GPU?

I paid £190 and I intend to play games and Photoshop.

How would it perform with e.g. Crysis. system specs are:
Gigabyte P45-DS3, Intel core 2 duo E8400 3.0Ghz, 4GB RAM, Ati Radeon 4850 512mb. Vista 64

I dont really want recommendations as I prefer to buy a monitor in the shop to see what its like. I just need to know whether this is good or not as the demos on display were limited to a simple video.

I live in the UK.
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  1. Its good though it will be bottlenecked by your GFX card.
  2. FFS not this again


    it all comes down to game requirements - eg Doom3 will ill run at full res and max settings aok where as Crysis will not, meaning you need more video performance to suit it, IT DOES NOT MEAN that the card is incapable of playing games at that res.

    Please, someone make a sticky about this so in future no one asks the stupid question again.
  3. actually I really want to know more about the monitor, except there is no actual monitor sub-section. I need to know more about the quality of the monitor than performance.

    Also the resolution DOES matter to some degree, I know the game runs fine on my spec at 1366x768 but I have never tried it at 1080.

    I already have my GPU and I just bought a new monitor, I just want an idea on what I can expect in the real world and the sometimes BS print on the back of the box.

    Like I said, I am more concerned about the monitor itself and the quality of it for gaming/photoshop.
  4. If you're not really picky almost any TN panel would do, if you do production work and need hi-grade color reproduction an IPS panel is a must.

    Though if you were referring to the build quality of the product that is a whole different matter.
  5. I only do occasional photoshopping.

    Does anyone know if any of these are IPS panels? I know you can get them online but my budget is at its limits, also I find that I must see them in the shop because you cant always rely on what the specs say:

    BTW what monitor my current one from 2003? I find this alright but its to small (screen and resolution wise):
  6. turns out my current one is a TN panel. I guess TN should be alright then.
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