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I have an HP S3023w Pavillion Slimline with an AMD Athlon 64 (O) 3800+ 2.4 GHz processor. The computer will not boot. I get no beeps or blinking lights anywhere. The cpu fan runs continuously and steadily. I've removed all components including ram and reinstalled them one at a time in different order to no avail. I have 12v+ on the back pins of the two mboard pins on the 24 pin connector. I've had the hard drive checked and it is OK. Any suggestions? Windows Vista Home Premium but I don't think that means anything with this problem. Thanx
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  1. I've already read that page as well as others posted here. Its where I learned to check the PSU voltage at the back of the 24 pin connector. Is there a way to determine if the problem may be in the CPU or the motherboard?
  2. do you have everything seated in there slots correctly? are all the wires and leads in the correct connectors on the motherboard? did you read your motherboard manual while building your PC?
  3. This is an HP computer with specs as above. It worked perfectly. I made no modifications. It just stopped working. I did remove components to diagnosis the problem but its not the first time I've done this and I'm sure everything is as its supposed to be. The motherboard manual is available online but there is no troubleshooting:
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