First time builder new system

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Now-October 24th (see additional details)

BUDGET RANGE: £700-£1000 (of course preferably low end of budget but i'm being realistic)

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming, Schoolwork, watching monies, surfing the internet,

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: I'm emigrating from a laptop so only a mouse

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Ebuyer, overclockers (bit more expensive but better delivery) any reliable on-line UK site, I live in Norwich so staples ,maplin, pcworld, currys staples are the off-line stores I know of

PARTS PREFERENCES: I want quality with a bit/lot of room to spare for upgrades. I would like a cpu/motherboard combo with at least 2 years lifespan and a good upgrade path

OVERCLOCKING: Yes although since this is first build maybe not a huge ammount

SLI OR CROSSFIRE:Maybe now or in future

MONITOR RESOLUTION: No idea to be honest whatever the standard is for next 3-5 years, im currently using 1280x800 15" laptop screen so im sure most things will be an upgrade

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I would prefer a pc on the quieter end of the spectrum but not really at the cost of cooling so quieter fans, drives etc will be a plus. I want to get as much as I can by September 5th to allow easier delivery as I'm back to school after that so it will be harder to be home to collect stuff. The reason im allowing all the way to October 24th is thats the latest date for windows 7 and in case I want I5.

The budget is way over the top for what I actually Need but is fine for what I want. Im allowing such a budget range due to the fact of a slightly over the top case and needing a screen.

I'm looking for a Pc that will last me the next 5 years with good upgradeability, so it will make it through uni.

Id like to compare the options between I7, I5, and AMD. I want a motherboard that wont be put out of date in 2 years (preferably, this may not be an option)

I'm also considering undervolting case fans to reduce noise

I don't care about whether its nvidia ati intel amd etc

Case: Coolermaster HAF 922 Mid Tower Case - No PSU £90 it seems a bit pricey but also seems nice case for a new system builder and should have goo space for future components

Psu:? 500-750w £50-£100

Processor/Motherboard:Intel Core i7 920 2.66GHz Socket 1366 D0 stepping 8MB Cache OEM Processor could also go with non oem for another £9 which includes fan and heatsink with MSI X58 PRO iX58 Socket 1366 8 channel audio ATX Motherboard £337 or AMD equivalent £100-150 less or I5 equiv £25-£100 less (possibly)

CPU heatsink:£5-£25?

CPU Fan: £5-£25?

Memory: preferably low CAS (I think thats the term) 3x2gb on I7 2x2gb on I5/AMD £50-100

Hard Drive: 2x 500gb or greater (fairly quiet) 1 for backingup files £100-£150
If I've missed anything in this giant post I'm sure it will be spotted

Graphics Card: £90-£200 Ati radeon looks cheaper

Speakers: £8-15

Keyboard: £8-10 anything wired

Monitor: 19"-22" preferably with good viewing angles £70-£200

Extras/tools: £10-£30

The OS wont count towards the price since id buy it anyway even if i wasnt getting new system
OS: windows 7 RC and Microsoft Windows Vista Business w/SP1 - W/ Windows 7 Upgrade Offer Form - licence and media - 1 PC - OEM - DVD - 32-bit - English £112 or windows 7 rc and Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium (PC) £65

I've just put random ball park figures for items I haven't a clue about

Approximate cost of I7 build Min £823 with my random budgets (which is why im think I5 vs Amd for processor/motherboard)

I'm sorry its such a long post and you may have to do a bit/lot of work to help me out.

If ive forgotten anything which I most likely have please tell me and I'll amend it

Im also reasonably assured any build would be cheaper in the US but the Uk has 15% vat so im not sure if companies deliberately overprice our stuff.

I can afford a £2500 pc if i wanted to but I don't even need anywhere near this really

My current laptop is Toshiba A210-11p it will last till October if needed and is fine apart from hard drive space for my current needs but it is kind of breaking and running hot and I can guarentee I wont mysef be able to upgrade it.

I haven't fully researched cheapest prices on the products I linked but they seemed the cheapest on my brief search

To get a similar system built for me seems to be nearly £1000 even at cyber power systems
Infinity i7 Andromeda SE
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  1. Its really hard to reccommend a build for a later time . Its hard to predict prices .

    For a new build a 22 inch lcd is probably the starting point IMO

    buy a quality power supply

    dont forget the other things you will need like hard drive and graphics card .

    Building your own is more fun and you can guarntee quality components you can re-use . A case /psu/ monitor could be re-used in your next build if theyre good enough .

    many of us are not in the UK . It helps if you can find websites you might buy from
  2. Thanks for reply

    These are the only uk websites I know of but im sure there are more

    I was planning to buy pretty much everything apart from motherboard and processor asap, then between now and october see which would be the best for future compatibility (i.e which new processors wil use these motherboards in a few years time) and performance/value.

    The reason being ive heard I5 is coming out in september/October which may warrant consideration, and ive hard nothing about any other components coming out very soon (though they may be in which case I can wait till October for them if they are worth it)

    I will try to complete a full I7 build without all this price guesswork, but from what I've read I5 will be good value for money and more comparable to an amd system on price/performance, and since I cant afford to go al out an I7 920 may be overkill.
  3. a cheap i7 system from ebuyer is bout 1k
  4. Is that built or buying parts Because I cant be too far off my with my educated guesses of costs
    which shows a fairly low end I7 for well under £850
  5. does that include a screen os an extras?
  6. well ill fully research now but it did include a screen but not an os and included £10 for extras see my first post. Os would be £65 for windows 7 and id use the rc till then
  7. Qty Product QuickFind Stock Price Line Total
    Scythe Mugen 2 Socket 478, 775, 1366, 754, 939, AM2+ Processor Cooler
    Coolermaster HAF 922 Mid Tower Case -
    OCZ Stealth XStream 700W PSU - 120mm Fan, 4x 12V Rails 152506
    AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition 3.2 GHz Socket AM3 8MB Cache Retail Boxed
    Crucial 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 1333MHz/PC3-10600 Ballistix Memory Kit CL6 1.8V
    Samsung EcoFit P2270 22" LCD Monitor 16:9 Full HD 1920x108 250cd/m2 50000:1 Dynamic 2ms DVI Gloss Black/Grey Tint 3 Year Onsite SWAP Warrenty
    ASUS M4A78T-E 790GX Socket AM3 onboard VGA DVI
    Samsung EcoGreen F2 1TB Hard Drive SATAII 32MB Cache -
    Western Digital WD5000AAKS 500GB SATAII 7200RPM 16MB Cache -
    XFX HD 4890 1GB GDDR5 Dual DVI HDTV Out PCI-E Graphics Card
    Logitech G9 Laser Mouse -
    Logitech G15 Keyboard - Cart total inc vat: Cart total ex vat: £1007.99
    well this would last bout 3+yrs if you can do better hey do it an this will be a quiet system if you want bout 2-4db decrease get a vapor x 4890
  8. because prices of all hardware drifts down steadily its almost never a good idea to buy over a period of time .

    the only exception is when there is a fantastic discount on an item you want
  9. This is what im thinking for an I7 system
    Purchased from
    Intel Core i7 920 2.66GHz Socket 1366 D0 stepping 8MB Cache OEM Processor

    Coolermaster HAF 922 Mid Tower Case - No PSU

    Arctic Silver 5 High-Density Polysynthetic Silver Thermal Compound Thermal paste 3.5gram

    Purchased from (there shipping isn't £7.99 per item yay)
    MSI X58M Intel X58 (Socket 1366) PCI-Express mATX DDR3 Motherboard (not sure if this is the right motherboard looks small if its not then id replace with which is £10 more)

    XFX ATI Radeon HD 4870 512MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card

    OCZ Reaper 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3 PC3-12800C7 (1600MHz) Tri-Channel (OCZ3RPR1600LV6GK)

    Corsair TX 650W ATX SLi Compliant Power Supply (CMPSU-650TXUK)

    Western Digital Caviar Green 1TB SATA-II 32MB Cache - OEM (WD10EADS)

    Akasa SATA-2 45cm Silver Data Cable (not sure this is correct cable for hard drive)

    Scythe Mugen 2 CPU Cooler (Socket 478/754/939/940/AM2/LGA775/LGA1366)

    Sony Optiarc DRU-870S 24x DVD±RW SATA Dual Layer ReWriter (Black) - Retail (Dont know anything about dvd/rw drives this may be overpriced or bad)

    Logitech S-150 2.0 USB Speaker System - OEM (980-000029)

    Logitech Classic Keyboard 200 (968019-0120)
    £535.20 Combined price of both orders £828.02

    I haven't included a monitor because I don't know one I want Id want a 22" preferably 1900x1200 native resolution but I may have to make do with 1900x1080 I would also want 2ms-5ms response time and a nice refresh rate Hd would also be welcome The problem being this would all nee to be £50-£170 but preferably £50-£110

    Any feedback to this would be welcome preferably any changes suggested should make the build cheaper. I am also lacking the 2nd backup hard drive I do have wd portable hard drive at 300gb so i'm probably going to back up files on that instead.

    I could of added 4890 instead of 4870 but the £50+ price difference didnt seem to warrant it.
  10. Sorry for the double post there are 2 reasons for this, first to give myself a shameless bump as no-one seems to have seen my build and secondly when I tried to edit my last post to include a screen there was a message saying I couldn't edit my post.

    This is the screen I was thinking of BenQ G2220HD 22 Inch Wide LCD Monitor

    It seems a nice screen for £131 but if there are any other good value screens for under £170 that are around 22" or less (I'm currently using a 15" laptop screen 24" seems overkill and it seems you cant get 1900x1080/1200 for a screen smaller than roughly 22")

    I'm am now going to look at an amd tri core build as I read somewhere that new high end quad cores are coming very soon for amd the 965 or 975 which may either outperform the 955 or make the 955 cheaper. Also this seems very expensive considering my freind came up with a tri-core build with and ati radeon 4850 for £500 excluding a few things he already had.

    The things im unsure about with this is the power supply hard drive ram and dvd/rw when it comes to performance/price
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