MSI X58 PRO for i-7 X-Fire won't boot

Hello all, my computer decided to stop working over night. This is a 6 month old system that worked without a hitch until now. When I hit the power button, only a small orange light comes on on the motherboard, NOTHING else. No beeps, no fans, absolutely nothing.

I have opened the case, made sure all cables are firmly seated, plugged/unplugged several times, etc., but besides the little MOBO light nothing comes on.

Where do I go from here? Any and all answers will be greatly appreciated. Oh....... the system is NOT overclocked.

System Specs:

MSI X58 PRO for i-7 X-Fire
CPU INTEL i-7 920 2.66 GHZ
500W Antec power supply
Intel Fan Gemini IIS, 5 Copper Heat Pipes
3 Gigs DDR3 Memory PC10600/1333MHz (3 pieces of 1 gig each)
GF-9800GT PCI-EX 1GB Video Card
WD 500GB SATA Western Digital Hard Drive
Dual Case Fans DC 120mmx2

I have no clue what "subcategory" to pick, so if I picked the wrong one, i'm sorry :)
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  1. Perhaps you placed this in the correct category (but maybe not under the Asus sub-section?); try resetting your mobo CMOS. Other than your mobo I'd suggest looking at your power supply, and see if you can borrow an alternate to try on your PC.
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