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DFI lanparty DK 790fxb m2rs error code

Im getting stuck at the post screen with the LED display reading 49, and i dont know what it means. The code is not in the manual, help please??
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  1. I believe the LEDs usually display the last thing that passed POST successfully, so if there is anything in the manual listed under 50 you might want to take a look at that.
  2. Ok, Illl check on that, but also if it helps, in the post screen it stops right after it displays the cpu model and before it does the memory check.
  3. The only thing I could even remotely find on 49, for Award Bios (I believe that to be your Bios company) is "Calculate total memory by testing the last double last word of each 64K page" which would point towards your RAM
  4. hmm. Thats just odd... Well this all happened because of an overclocking failure, one that blew my power supply. I didnt really know the extent of the damage, but i replaced the psu, and now Im getting this error. Its not the cpu either because ive swapped it in with another and still no change. I will check my RAM now though.

    50 in the manual was a usb device error...

    It's all set and working!! My RAM has a tendancy to slide out and all three slots were out of the sockets a tiny bit, so I pushed them in and they work. And boy do I feel like an idiot.
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    I wanted to let people know that I was receiving error code 50 on my DFI LANPARTY DK X48-T2RS LGA 775 Intel X48 ATX mobo too. I also resolved this by removing the ram from both slots completely and reinserting them into the system, too.

    Although the error code is ment for a "USB" type error, it was the RAM that had proved to be the problem too.

    cheers. thanks @tsume920 - saved me the dirty troubleshooting woes of computing.
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  7. Nach den Einbau des DFI LanParty DK790FXB-M3H5 ist ein schwarzer Bildschirm vorhanden,mehrere Graka ausprobiert
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