Unlocking an AMD Phenom II X2 550 BE

Hi all! I have an Asus M4N72-E motherboard running an AMD Phenom II X2 550BE and was wondering if my mobo is capable of unlocking the extra cores on the processor? I am wanting to get started into overclocking (yea, I'm a rookie lol) and have read elsewhere that it is possible to unlock the unused cores (which may or may not be usable). I've seen other articles saying you can do it through the BIOS program, but The one that came with my mobo doesn't look like or have the options they show in screenshots explaining how to do it.

Also, any good write-ups or articles/guides for someone new to overclocking?

Thanks for your input and assistance in advance!
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    The ACC function is part of the AMD chipset, specifically the the SB750 and the SB710 which allows trying to activate the additional cores present in your chip. However your board uses a Nvidia chipset not AMD, at least one of the Newest Nvida chipsets does now support enabling the extra cores but I can't say that yours does or not.
    On a good note since your processor is a BE you can change the clock rate currently at (auto=15.5) for 3.1 ghz by using manual clock settings for the cpu.
    Your motherboard offers additional software overclocking as well and is documented. Just don't jump too high too fast! good luck
  2. ok, thanks for the help. I guess I'll just have to live w/o unlocking my other cores with this mobo.
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