Question about Creative x-fi xtreme music EAX 5.0

guyz i have this card..

suppose to be it support eax 5.0

specs from the website.

EAX® ADVANCED HD� 5.0 delivers incredibly realistic gaming audio!
Features like 128 voice support, EAX MacroFX, EAX PurePath and Environment FlexiFX set a new standard for EAX and realism available in gaming audio.

but when i look it at everest multimedia. i found at it does only support eax 3.0

is this true?
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  1. No, the Creative XtremeMusic is based around the EMU20K1 chip and does support EAX 5.
    As you are running either Vista or Win 7 (per your screen shot) make sure you have Creative's ALchemy Wrapper installed to enable EAX support in older games.
  2. ok thanks bro.. just what i need :D
  3. hi,pls change your card to gaming mode,,,then its have EAX5.0...
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