E6300 bottlenecking my 4850?

I'm just install a 4850 to my system and my proc is e6300.
Will it seriously bottlenecking the entire system?
I'm just running RE5 benchmark and it just gave me a "C" with high setting with no AA and no VSync on Direct 10... T.T
Coz i just can't OC'ing my e6300, my GA 965P DS3 lock that feature...
And it's pretty hard to find someones who want sell their Q6700 to me...
My overall score rating on Windows 7 is 4,8 and That's my cpu score.
Is there another way?
Thank u very much... :)
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  1. ctrl f1 while in bios then try overclocking again lol
  2. Is that the old e6300 or new e6300?

    RE5 from what I've heard makes great use of a quad core, a number of new and upcoming titles do, that may be why you only get a "C".
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    C2D E6300 @ 1.86GHz can easily be overclocked to around 2.4GHz which will reduce the bottleneck. If you can get it to 3.0GHz, then it should be fine and not bottleneck your GPU.

    P2D E6300 @ 2.8GHz won't bottleneck your GPU even at stock, but you can OC it easily to around 3.2GHz if you want to.
  4. @ loneninja :
    Is there any differences between them?
    E6300 FSB 1066Mhz 1,8Ghz...
    I Think that's the old one...
    Again... that quad things make me want to cry... T.T
    and when i'm playing mass effect, i set on all High and it's still run smooth...

    @ubernoobie :
    I'm press ctrl+F1 when post screen or when i'm in BIOS?
    no experience at all about overclocking... wew...

    thanks man...
  5. thx bluescreendeath..
    but, same question as ubernoobie,how to OC my cpu?
    I never touch OC thing before. when i'm on bios i couldn't do anything for my CPU like clock speed or frequency , the box is grayed...
    Any idea?
  6. Boot up your computer. It should say "press this button to go into..."

    Press that button and you should be in BIOS.

    Your total clockspeed/frequency is your individual clockspeed multiplied by the multiplier. You can change the clockspeed but not the multiplier (in most cpus)

    Total speed = frequency/clockspeed * multiplier

    Use this guide:
  7. Try the software "Gigabyte Easytune".
    Should let you OC without going into bios;)

  8. i had try to oc'ing, on bios screen say my speed increased to 2,0 ghz. but when i look at properties on my computer, it say 1,86 ghz. it's still the same before oc...
    what happened?
    Didn't windows detect change?
    and when i use cpu-z, it say 1,86mhz...
    any idea?
  9. and my mem speed has changed by 5-6-6-17. Before OC, the speed is 5-5-5-15.
    What happened??
  10. Did you save the settings before you exited BIOS?

    Change the speed back to 5-5-5-15.

    Set RAM to auto and OC your cpu to around 2.4GHz

    Let your BIOS automatically adjust the RAM speeds, or do it manually if it exceeds the base RAM speed by a lot.
  11. yes, i can OC it and now it run on 2.0 GHz.
    but now, based on EASY TUNES 6,when idle my cpu's temp is 65'C and my GPU is 62'C...
    I assume it's hot, right?
    I can't control my GPU speed fan, it's spin about 40%... (on GPU-Z)
    A new fan? or heatsink maybe? currently i have 4 fan on my case.
    My heatsink is Blue Orb Mini, it's ThermalTake...
  12. Yeh, that's not normal. Are you using the stock HSF? What were your temperatures before?

    GPU-Z only shows GPU temperatures.

    When I had the C2D E6300, my CPU idled at 45'C and it was OCed to 2.4GHz. (this was with a cheap $15 aftermarket thermaltake cooler)

    For a good 775 fan, get the Artic 7 Pro...a used one costs about $15 and new one costs about $30
  13. no, i'm use a thermaltake's blu orb mini for my cpu, it cost about $20...
    I'll post it later after i underclocking it...
  14. I getting it back to default speed at 1.8GHz and the temp is down at 50'C...
    But GPU's temp is still 60'C...
    My ram speed is back at 5-5-5-15..

    Last time i reapplying the thermal paste on my cpu is about 9 months ago, it's when i was bought that thermaltake's HSF...

    Could it be my HSF? or the thermal paste is about to dry?
    What would u suggest? Go for Artic Pro like u said before?

    Thank u very much guys...
  15. GPU temperature has nothing to do with the fan speed of your heatsink & fan.

    You'd have to increase the GPU fan speed to lower that temperature.

    See if increasing the fan speed of your CPU willl lower your CPU temps. You shouldn't be getting more than 50'C at that speed when idle.
    What voltage is your cpu at? What is your room temperature?
  16. my room temp is about 36'C maybe...
    my system temp is 46'C.

    Vcore = 1.18 v
    +3.3v = 3.28 v
    +12v = 12.17v
    CPU vid = 1.32 v

    I tried to increase GPU fan speed on Easy Tune 6, but nothing happened, my fan speed stay at 760 rpm...

    umm.. Where i can increase my CPU fan speed?
  17. now, when i turn my AC on, my room temp about 26'C, my system temp just go down. I live in the equator, it's hot in here...

    System temp = 43'C
    CPU temp = 45'C
    GPU temp = 49'C
  18. ^ Yeh, that sounds about right. lol

    When I turned on my AC to reduce my room temperature from 80'F to 70'F, my CPU temps (i7 920) dropped about 6'C from 48'C to 41' ambient temperatures are quite important.

    26'C is pretty warm, and the temperatures seems right for your CPU. 49'C for your GPU is pretty cool, since most 4850s idle at 60'C or above, depending on the model.

    You can OC your CPU if want:

    OCing it to around 2.4GHz isn't too difficult...keep idle temps under 50'C and load temps under 65-70'C

    If you have a good aftermarket cooler you can reach speeds of almost 3.0GHz or above.
  19. yes, i'm using HIS HD 4850 with IceQ 4. I know this 4850 is easily to get hot, so i choose HIS to make this card cool... :)

    At now, i'm still using this CPU cooler:

    Do you think it's still good or OC'ing?

    I'm considering buy a new cooler, and i take a look at your suggestion for:

    So, what do u think? it is necessary to change it?

    Thanks a lot bluescreendeath...
  20. That looks like a fine cooler. You should try OCing with your current cooler and see what you get.

    Basically any aftermarket cooler is better than the Intel stock cooler that comes with the cpu.

    The Artic Pro 7 is a good HSF cooler, I used to have it myself. You can get it for less than $30 on newegg or Amazon. My only complaint is that it uses push pins, so it's ridiculously difficult to tell whether you've installed it properly or not. Also, when you install it, it takes a good deal of twisting and pressure before it clicks into you feel like you're breaking your motherboard. There were also some cases when the push-pins weren't tight enough and came somewhat loose...and my former E8400 rig almost overheated.

    But if you can get past those push-pin flaws, it's a good cooler.
  21. I think i just stick with my current cooler.
    Need more practice on OC'ing...
    Thx BSD...

    1 more question, about thermal paste...
    when the thermal paste become dry?
    How often that i must re-apply it again with the new one?
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