Can't Solve Motherboard Grounding Problem

Hello World,

I have built several PCs for family, friends and myself and i just finished a small work station for my den. However it seems to be having a grounding problem that i have not been able to pin point.

I bench tested all hardware before i put it into the case. Motherboard, CPU, Hard drive, PSU, DVD all worked 100% and i installed windows 7 pro 64 bit . I put everything into the case and attached 3 addition hard drives and 2 fans as well as the case USB and Audio. I have checked for misplaced mounting posts, as well as all the connections to everything on the motherboard and components. I can't see anything that would be grounding the mother board.

I have taken everything out of the case, retested, and reinstalled and it still is being grounded somewhere.

I am using an Antec 300 case, MSI Micro ATX Motherboard.

Any ideas suggestions would be great, i am fresh out and this is DRIVING ME CRAZY! :fou: :fou: :fou: :fou:
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  1. What leads you to believe you have a grounding problem?
  2. When everything is in the case and attached and i press power the fans spin for a second then stop.
  3. Sounds like you forgot the CPU 4/8 pin 12v atx connector.
  4. daship said:
    Sounds like you forgot the CPU 4/8 pin 12v atx connector.

    Nope i triple checked all connections.

    Found the problem it was one of the hard drives, for some reason when i plug it into the power supply it grounds out the motherboard. Thanks for your help :)
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