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SO I downloaded DataRam RAMdisk and installed it properly (I think). I chose 2046MB unformatted, Windows Boot Sector, and then in Load and Save I selected both boxes to load disk on startup and save disk on shutdown. I then went into Disk Management and formatted the new drive in NTSC and named it F. I then created a folder called Temp and a folder called IE cache on F drive, then went to Firefox and created a new string called browser.cache.disk.parent_directory and pointed it at the directory F:\Temp. I also went into Advanced System Settings, Environmental Variables and moved my Temp files to F:\IE Cache

Is this correct? I do not see any temp files populating the firefox F:\Temp folder when I restarted my browser. Please advise. Thanks!
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    I think the folder will only fill up as you use Firefox, not right after you set it up and launch the browser for the first time.

    Allow the abbreviation stickler in me to come out: NTSC is an analog video format. NTFS is the file system you were probably referring to in your post.
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  3. thanks for pointing out the typo. I chose to delete RAMdisk as I couldn't figure it out and it started to play havoc with the rest of my OC
  4. Hello,
    you must see new files right after you launch firefox. It should create it's folder. To assure you wrote right path you should open ramdisk temp folder, click on path tab and copy the path. It works good for me but you should use about 250 MB of RAMDisk it is enough. more is longer windows boot times
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