Whats a good motherboard and cpu for the gtx 285 2GB oc from bfg.

just got the dope gtx 285 bfg 2gb OC video card and decided to build a new pc. want to spend around 400 to 500 for a mobo and cpu can i get some suggestions please.. thanks ! !
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  1. ok it really doesn't matter that much wich cpu a fast core 2 duo could do the trick,
    (for a single gpu like your 280)

    perhaps an i5 750 quad core will suit you best,or go ftw with an i7 920,
    i have only seen cpu limits when you install more than 2 gpus (nvidia or ati)
    and found out that actual core duos and quads make a little botteneck but for getting
    the best gpu scalability go for the i7 920 its around 280 $ ,plus x58 motherboard
    around 200-250 $ and some ddr3 memory for 120 $
    price gets some benefit you can run sli of crossfire on this motherboard.

    still the best cpu & motherboard would be an i5 750 for 200 $ and a p55 motherboard from 100 $ (single pcie 2.0) to 280 $ for dual pcie 2.0 (notice that
    p55 now admits both sli and cf on some motherboards like the x58 motherboard
    and to finalize ddr3 dual channel is a bit cheaper than triple channel for about 80 $ you can get 4gb ddr3.
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