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Hi everyone,

Im looking to build a dedicated game server to use at LAN parties. Ive built gaming PCs but never a rig purpose built for use as a game server. Games we play typically include CS:S, COD4, UT2004, C&C. As for numbers... I wouldn't mind seeing builds for 24, 32 and 48 player networks. Minimum of 24 players is a must though.

I honestly have little idea what sort of spec I should be aiming for. I'm open to all suggestions and advice.

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: As soon as possible. Within a few weeks.
BUDGET RANGE: £500 ($800) but kept to a minimum. I don't want to spend more than I have to.
PARTS NOT REQUIRED: none. A complete build.

If I can provide any more info do ask.


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  1. Three things make a computer a good dedicated gaming server: a powerful CPU, lots of memory, and fast connectivity. And since you don't need a powerful graphics card, it should be easy to fit your budget. How does a system with the Q8200, and 4GB of DDR2 1066MHz RAM sound?
  2. r_manic that sounds weak for 800 dollars
    i7 920, 6 gb ddr3, get a cheaper mobo to fit the budget, corsair psu

    are u overclockin?
  3. Id definitely consider overclocking.

    So there isnt anything in this that wouldnt be in a regular PC build? Nothing new to consider? Just splash out on a CPU and RAM?
  4. I would also look at how you set up the hard drive system. Meaning, which RAID system you are going to implement.
  5. Maybe an: i7 920, any x58 Micro atx motherboard because they are all high quality.

    maybe an 9500GT, 6gb of Memory, preferably DDR3 1600, if not, 1333 would work as well.

    Any 500w would work, maybe a 400w from corsair, they are quite cheap and very High quality.

    Thats it, all of that comes down to about 600 - 700, use the rest for what ever you might need.

    Edit - Whoops, Didn't see that you don't have an OS, and needed a Complete Build.
  6. Please Tell me how your going to fit a i7 complete build into a $800 dollar build. Please do tell me, ill tell you.. You cant!.

    Most Power your going to get is going AMD with there low prices.

    4gb of ddr3,

    a nice quad cpu, 955/940

    not much in the gpu section, 4770 maybe.

    seagate 500gb 7200.12

    Antec 300 / rc0-690

    785 am3 for the 955 or a am2+ 790x board for the 940 cpu.

    very simple setup.
  7. Ok. Thanks for the comments so far.

    What mobo am I looking at?

    And OS wise? Id prefer to go windows i think just because all my software is windows. Any thoughts here?
  8. go AMD at this price range... i7 with 6gb ram, everything is gonna be around 950+ (using combos...and newegg :S) ....bit over ur 800 maximum....

    and i know nothing bout amd mobo/CPUs...but with what fullmetal has said:

    CPU: 955 x4 (not in stock atm) code #35816
    Mobo: 785 am3 code #37387
    RAM: 2x 2gb ddr3 code #37150
    HDD: seagate 500gb 7200.12 code #36047
    PSU: corsair 550vx (should do it) code #29383
    GPU: gts 250 512mb code #37005

    Case: antec 300 code #31087
    Monitor: Z 22" widescreen (u could go smaller, and never heard of the brand... u could LG 19" for bout the same price, and then you would know it would last :D) code #35161
    Keyboard: logitech deluxe 550 usb code #24624
    Mouse: logitech optical usb mouse code #31579

    TOTAL: 526.52 pounds (exc vat)
    TOTAL inc shipping and vat: 619.84 pounds
    its all from

    go with whatever OS u have at'll work fine
  9. jake...does that sort ur problems??
  10. Yeah! Thats extremely helpful.

    Thanks very much
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