Hard disk is not recognized most of the time


i have 1 SATA2 hard disk drive which works very well when detected
the problem started few months ago , and it happens only after i shutdown my computer.
the problem is that when i turn on the pc , mostly it will not detect the hard disk and will not boot into windows .
it will need several reboots for the computer to detect it , but when its finally detected, the computer works just fine.
it took about 40 minutes of rebootings today for the computer to detect it !

i tried connecting the drive to different sata slots in the motherboard , i tried 2 other sata cables (1 of them is the 1 used for the dvd drive , which is always recognized) , and i tried to disconnect the dvd drive and connect the hard disk in the same slot using the same cable without connecting the dvd at all ..
i could feel the hard disk running when the pc is on (i touched it and felt a lite vibration)

i tried hiren's disk and it didn't detect the drive as well

all the testings tells that the fault is from the hard disk , but what could be the problem since it sometimes get detected and work very well?

any idea ?

any help would be appreciated
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  1. Are you running win 7? Try going to the run menu and type in chkdsk. Then you will have to reboot your computer to run it as will will not run while you are in windows. This will check your drive to see if it has any bad sectors and fix them.
  2. yea i'm running windows 7 64-bit
    no bad sectors found .. no change with the problem ..
  3. anyone ?
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