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I'm changing the led colors within my case to orange. The fans I'm looking for need to have a high CFM for radiator cooling. I'm looking at 120mm fans. I've looked through a few sites looking for a fan that is already with orange leds or orange fan blades but no luck. I've seen a few possibilities but those generally are either blue or red colored fan base so changing the leds wouldn't look right. Of course, the ones that may work do have a high CFM. Most are around 60s-70s CFM. Seems kind of low for water cooling. Any suggestions is appreciated.
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    70 CFM for a 120mm fan is quite good, don't hope to get something much better.

    Best one I can get for you is the Aerocool Shark Evil Black Edition. At high speed it moves 83 CFM and.... has orange blades.

    I have the Blue ones, and they are pretty nice and silent.
  2. I have one of the blue sharks also but the listing only showed the black edition without orange (straight black), blue, red, and white. This one will do the trick; however, I know why I couldn't find this one on any of the US sites I generally look at and it's because it's not sold in the US. I'll have to buy from the UK if I want them..
  3. Well I live in Brazil and they are sold here :)

    The only other one orange-bladed fan I can remember of is the Akasa Amber, but it moves no more than 45CFM.

    Guess you have to either buy the Shark from the UK, or get the Amber, or buy other ones and mod them :)
  4. Thanks mrmaia. I did come across the Akasa Amber but yea the CFM is too low.

    davcon, I did look at the BitFenix on that site. Frozencpu is generally my first stop but the CFM is also too low. As for the cougars, neither of the two you posted are over 70 CFMs. The second number listed in their specs is actually cubic metres per hour (m³/h). The Thermaltake isn't too bad with 77 CFM but had rather not have to drill holes for leds. Thanks though.
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