7900GT Card and Vista x64... slight problem?

So recently I updated my OS to Vista Ultimate x64, since I was given the oppurtunity. A problem encountered during this upgrade was that, when I installed Graphics drivers, (From NVIDIA'S Website - Yes, x64 bit drivers) My monitor would say "Please change video settings" when loading the Operating System. This forced me to uninstall the drivers via safe mode. Now, I couldn't use the Drivers from the CD which the 7900GT came from, because they don't support Vista x64, they even terminate when I try opening them, with an unsupported OS message.

So I was wondering whether this was Vista's problem... or the drivers. If so, could you recommend good drivers for my 7900GT card?
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  1. Curently using the latest Windows 7 64 divers from Nvidia site with my 7900GTO with no problem on an oldler machine with dual boot W7 64/xp. Problem would be the video card or the driver used. Nvidia Vista 64 drivers work with the 7900GT. Maybe try an earlier version of Nvidia 64 driver for the 7 series.
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