Dual vs Triple channel memory in gaming

Hi guys, i'm making a budget gaming rig and was wondering if there is a big difference in dual/triple channel ram when it comes to games. I'd love to save some money on cheaper dual channel ram if there isnt really much of a difference.
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  1. There isn't much of a difference. Toms did a review of single vs. dual-channel memory, and even that shows virtually no difference between single and dual-channel memory modes. Find it among the articles.
  2. No difference.
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    just get some really nice DDR2 ram. i saw some benchmarks and apparently the only way to see the difference between Dual and Tri channel is with synthetic benchmark programs. Im running some DDR2 1066 and i don't notice a difference in game play with my friends DDR2 800, when i play the same games on his rig.
  4. Sweet thanks for the info guys!
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