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Hi, I have an i7 config with intel dx58so as the mobo..now when my system boots up, i get the fullscreen intel logo picture and the press f2 to enter setup message. Is there any way to get true infos about my system while booting up like my old p3 machine used to do .. u know as if what cpu/memory/hdd size/dvd drive my system has, etc ? I have checked all options in the bios and didn't get any success. Please help.
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  1. Enter the bios by pressing F2 as soon as you see anything on the monitor.

    Then go to the Boot menu - second to last on the right - last one is the Exit menu. Top most selection change to advanced from Normal I believe - you may have to change your boot order once you do that so watch for that.

    Then you will get to see all those command line statuses flash by - and they go by fairly fast....
  2. Nope tried that..didn't work just gave a longer black screen and then my multiboot selection screen. But why are u saying to change my boot order? I have cddrive as my first boot device followed by hdd and usb boot disabled.
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