6850 overclocking

ive got the Gigabyte GV-R685OC-1GD
its a great card ive overclocked it to :

core clock : 930 mhz

memory clock : 1220 mhz

on stock voltage . i was going to tweak the voltage but its locked. i wanted to know your clocks on this card or any other 6850's to compare my results.
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  1. i set mine to these specs when i saw them and they have been working for me!
    if you want to change voltage i use msi afterburner and under settings you have to enable voltage changes.
  2. my voltage is locked I used Mai after burner and tried to unlock it but it stayed grey. I've heard my card has an unsupported voltage regulator.
  3. try flashing it to a 6870 using winflash.
  4. I downloaded easy boost from gigabyte and it has the option to flash so I'll use that. I've have some questions.

    1 will flashing make my card get recognized as a 6870
    2 will. I reach 6870 clocks
    3 are you sure it will unlock the voltage
  5. mine is still recognized as a 6850 on benchmarks and such. all it does is unlock the voltage and set it at stock 6870 speeds. 950/1250 i think
  6. were can you get the 6870 bios
  7. never mind i tried it you cant flash it . this is the crappiest 6850 ever made.
  8. http://www.techpowerup.com/articles/overclocking/159
    did you try using this guide except with a 6870 bios?
  9. thanks for all this help.

    ive flashed it but now i cant run any 3d applications.
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