Gtx275 WON'T boot

first, allow me to tell you my spec:
q6600 @ 2.4 sometime at 3.0
2gb of ram ddr2 800
ECS G31T-M motherboard, i know it's cheap.
newly bought gtx275. i used to have radeon 2600xt.
700w cooler master

Here is what i know
- i'm currently using windows 7 on one HDD and windows xp on another HDD.
- it runs with radeon 2600xt for a year with with out any problem.
- Cooler master Cosmos case, so no heat problem there.
- my ram run at 1.8~1.85 vote like the manufacture recommended.
- i did a CLEAN format, so no drivers issue.

here is the problem:
- in windows 7, it would not post desktop. it would only boot up to windows screen for about a min and it will just crash. i have to boot in safe mode and disable the driver in order to post.
- in windows xp, it would post desktop, but with a bit of struggle(pixels with wired colors) and it will goes away, 1 in 10 it would crash. it runs ms office, WM player, video, but it will not play game. when i boot TF2 or other game, it would shows pixels with wired color and eventually my comp will crash.

any help??????
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  1. First off, owning a specific case doesn't mean there is not a heat problem. Always measure temps before claiming no heat problem. Same for clean install vs driver issue. You didn't say where you got the drivers from in any case.

    Need to stop assuming something isn't a problem until you prove it isn't.

    Get into Win XP and do not use Win7 in any way until we diagnose this.

    If you have any Windows Utilities that OC or change timing parameters, mobo or vid cards, disable/uninstall them.

    If you have *ever* toyed with BIOS timings or voltages in any way, reset CMOS.

    - Remove ALL nVidia Software using Control Panel, Add/Remove.
    - Power down, and install the 2600
    - Boot up, go to nVidia site and let nVidia detect your vid card and choose drivers to download.
    - Download and install.

    Does this run OK? If no, suspect a psu problem.

    If yes:
    - Remove ALL nVidia Software using Contrl Panel, Add/Remove.
    - Power down, and install the 275
    - Boot up, go to NvIdia site and again let nVidia choose drivers to download. If nVidia does not detect your new Vid Card,we probably have found the problem.
    - Download and install.

    Is the 275 running? If yes . . . :)

    If no, you've got a psu problem or a bad 275. Unless some new symptoms popped up in the interim.

    Once we've done that we can talk about Win7.
  2. Twoboxer wrote "Need to stop assuming something isn't a problem until you prove it isn't."

    -Chances are that if you need to disable a driver to get it working, i would suggest putting a different driver, an older version. Try reseating your card, reset bios, and mainly what twoboxer said. :)
  3. Sorry i didnt specify many details.
    I use coretemp, hwmoniter, G/Cpuz, rivatuner, etc. for all my test. I'm positive that my junks aren't overheating.
    I over clock sometime; however, i did reset the cmos.
    Nvidia recognize my video card and tell me to use 190.62, that didnt work, so i disable it, uninstall it, and put 182.50 instead. it still has the same problem.

    I doubt(hunch) that it is my PSU; however, I could not prove it. PSU is 2 months old. Cooler master Ultimate 700 watts, 80 watts silver certified. 18amp x 4 rails.


    I have no solution yet, but I was messing around with Rivatuner and I UNDERCLOCK the video card to match gtx260 which is 576 core clock. the result is improving. computer still struggle to run TF2, civil4 and other games, but IT RUN. when it runs, it runs great. every time the game is executed their are multiple gittery, pixels, off colors.

    Any other idea would be helpful
  4. Well, I gave you a procedure. I can understand if you think its too basic.

    Good Luck with your problem.
  5. i'm going back to Fry's today and exchange the item. I'll let you know the result weather if it's defective card or i'm defective, lol.
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